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Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Sun Messe’s management philosophy is built by the three major pillars, “innovation,” “compliance,” and “ecology.” By always putting our customers first and gathering people, goods, and information to continuously develop and to make contributions to society mainly through printing.

Sun Messe complies with all applicable laws and ordinances, regulations and accepted social norms, and we engage in fair and honest business activities. Internally, we have established “Internal Control Promotion Office,” “Compliance Committee,” “Risk Committee” and other organizations to help employees cultivate compliance awareness.
Technological Innovation
Technology in the printing industry is constantly evolving. We keep up with these rapid changes by continuously standing at the forefront of technological innovation, always working to develop new technologies and introduce new equipment. As we move into the future, we will stay attuned to the latest information and promote ongoing endeavors for the newest technological innovations.
Environmental Protection
We at Sun Messe, as one of a companies that takes a responsibility on a crucial role in our society, work hard to embody our “Sun Messe Environmental Declaration” and preserve the environment mainly through our printing activities. Not only do we use a variety of environment-friendly printing technologies to provide excellent solutions for our customers, but we also encourage all our employees to join together and take an active role in environmental protection.

Company Creed

Customer Satisfaction, Employee Happiness, Improvement of Results

Charter of Corporate Behavior

While pursuing continued operation through various business activities centered on printing, Sun Messe must continue to be a functional presence as “a good corporate citizen.” Sun Messe shall strive to contribute to society, and in order to ensure corporate development and individual happiness, we will take autonomous action with common sense based on the 10 rules listed below:

  1. We shall strive to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve their trust with sincerity and passion, quickly respond to needs with swift decisions and action, and proactively invest in sales and production.
  2. We shall comply with related laws, regulations and business ethics, and engage in fair and responsible business activity.
  3. We shall protect personal information given to us by our customers and other important information we possess with a strict information security system.
  4. We shall maintain communication with customers, shareholders, clients, employees, local residents and all people involved, and appropriately disclose information to fulfill our accountability to society.
  5. We shall create a healthy, safe, and pleasant work environment to realize comfort and richness in pursuit of business management that treasures people.
  6. We shall acknowledge preservation of global environment as an important issue, observe laws and regulations related to the environment, and proactively strive to engage in effective use of resources, saving resources and energy.
  7. We shall show awareness as a member of the society by proactively engaging in continuous social contribution activities with the goal of being recognized as “a good corporate citizen.”
  8. We shall stand against antisocial forces and organizations that endanger social order and safety with a resolute attitude and shall avoid conduct that in anyway may be offensive to public order and morals.
  9. The top management shall strive to observe this charter and encourage executives, rank and file employees, group companies and clients to do the same by improving an in-house environment.
  10. Should an incident that violates this charter occur, top management will take the lead in addressing the problem, finding cause and preventing recurrence. In addition, top management shall appropriately disclose information to the public and fulfill its responsibility for accountability and severely punish those involved, including themselves.

The Concept Behind the Company Name Continuity


The printing process uses the three primary colors—magenta, cyan, and yellow—to create a wide array of colors. We, too, have continued to use the primary colors for everything from signboards to business cards for many years. “Messe,” which stands for “message” and “messenger,” epitomizes the contributions we strive to make, using the power of printing to improve our customers’ communication capabilities.

Modernity / future-oriented perspective

The “Sun” is both a source of energy and a powerful, everlasting symbol. In German, “Messe” means “fair,” a place where people, goods, and information come together. Our name signifies the corporate thinking we have adopted—a company that harnesses undying, enormous energy, much like the sun, to collect and disseminate a variety of information.